I’m a software developer that got into the trade through my love of video games, starting in middle school with some absolutely terrible Rogue clones using C++ and OpenGL. That love sticks with me to this day, and making games is one of my greatest hobbies.

I spend my days throwing myself at (and leaving behind) far too many creative endeavors. On top of making games, I enjoy writing, making music, and creating art.

While I might not have the most insightful things to say, I hope you find at least one thing here that you find cool. I’ll mostly be writing about the things that I make, but you can expect to see other things from my life here and there. Whatever I feel like rambling about that day.

You can check out some of my games over on Itch! There, you’ll find games created for jams or just for myself. You can also see some of my other projects on Github.

If you want to chat about anything you find here, or anything at all, you can email me or find me on other sites!