Project Ithaca

Project Ithaca is a narrative game created for Godot Wild Jam #30. The player takes on the role of a mech pilot tasked with the eradication of enemy outposts. During their missions, they will come to question what it is they're really doing there.

Created using Godot and Procreate.


Splitzball is a fast-paced ball game created for the DayKnight 30-Day community challenge. In Splitzball, the player is able to separate and recombine their character at-will, controlling each with the two halves of their controller.

Created using Unity and Blender.


Scatterbrain is a personal to-do desktop app. I often have multiple projects in flight, and I will sometimes find myself getting bored of working on one. Scatterbrain lets me click a button to have another project pulled up at random. Rather than running off to procrastinate, there will be something new to focus on.

Scatterbrain is currently in production, using Qt and C++. You can view the source here.