I Want to Run a Marathon

The ridiculous thought came to me about a month ago. It wasn’t the first time, I’ve always wanted to get back into long-distance running, but I haven’t seriously worked at it since high school (a decade ago, jeez).

I started thinking about it while I was soaking in the victory of my workout challenge I mentioned previously, so I was already feeling great about exerting myself. On top of that, I have a support network now. I think I’ve always had that, but I’ve become more comfortable using it. Telling someone about your small victories and getting the small praise in return does a lot to keep one going. Who knew?

In a way, this blog is an extension of that network. By telling you, dear reader, about not just my projects but my life as well, it helps make these things real.

Right now, I’m just running 5Ks. Soon enough, it’ll be 10Ks, then a half-marathon, and eventually with enough dedication, the big one. I’ll keep you in the know along the way.