It's the First Post!

It’s another day, and another way to collect my thoughts that I’ll undoubtedly abandon. I’ve spent a lot of time playing around with different frameworks, working on a ton of versions of personal sites. I’m not much of a web developer, so naturally I’ve settled on the easiest option: just some HTML and CSS. I’m using Hugo to throw it all together, which has proven itself to be relatively simple.

I’m probably going to write about games more than anything here. Between game jams and the notes I’ve started taking on the games I’ve been playing, I think there’s a lot of fun stuff to write about. And I suppose there’s no real reason to keep it to myself.

I’ll also be collecting my projects on here, everything from jam games to side projects to non-programming creations.

We’ll see how this evolves over time, but until then, thanks for stopping by.