Late Night Scrub

Well here we are, weeks after creating this site, and not a post to be seen. What did I say, I knew I’d be a bit less than attentive to the thing.

This isn’t much of a post, and instead is a sort of preview of a post. It’s late, and I really just wanted to say that I had an incredibly productive day on ScrubBot, the Discord bot I’ve been making specifically for the server I’m in with my friends, called ScrubLords. Among a handful of improvements that only developers (see: Me) will see, I added some new commands, a new way to interact with events via message reactions, and event waitlists (probably won’t see too much use in a server as small as this one).

The work I’ve done today, and the general work environment I’ve established around the bot got me thinking about its transition from little side project to something I actually care about, being littered with best practices for software dev. So I want to write a little post about it tomorrow, or today rather, it’s 1 AM. Look out for that soon.